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Stories from Corporate Front lines: the Character Role in Leadership

This article concerns with competence of Management of the Highest level of the Seigneur/, developed to measure levels of satisfaction concerning the high-ranking management in your organisation. AlphaMeasure defines the top management as a command of people top-level managements which have daily duties of action by the organisation. For many employees this competence will intend for the managers occupying positions above their direct observers. The questions included in this competence, are written to investigate themes, such as strategic leadership, corporate vision, and a corporate management. This competence is especially useful in understanding, how much your labour approves an existing management of the organisation.
This story, Character Role in Leadership, is a part of compilation of Alfemisjura, Stories From Corporate Front lines. It illustrates importance of presence of a command of the top management, which has a character to leave unsuccessful strategy, to admit refusal, and to go further.
Anonymous Submission
Character role in Leadership
After a recent meeting with the Top management command in my company I had a chance to contemplate a problem which I feel, it is the extremely important for successful operation of each organisation. We have just finished the review of satisfaction of the employee, and results have entered. Our employees have entirely positive representation of a management in which we, the high-ranking management, take the company.
So, what, I asked a question, there was a distinction between my current company and for what I worked five years ago? Results of the review of satisfaction of the employee have reminded me of the scenario back then, only then, the complete antithesis was results. Employees have been united in disapproval their high-ranking management.
I – a new member of the top management, thus I was interested in understanding of the reasons for different results – hoping to avoid to repeat that the unfortunate scenario.
What is the current management does in another way? After some introspection I believe that I have found the answer.
In my former company I was the agent on sale. The top management has developed idea for an advertising campaign which has been transferred from the management personnel in our new company-founder. Full-scale meetings have been spent, and we have been instructed to create this campaign and to force it to work.
The idea has presented set of problems, but a command soldiered on. We have used the best efforts, we could, all time expressing our reservation concerning that, how much effective the finished campaign will be. The top management has completely ignored our problems.
Campaign was a huge failure, to put it mildly. We have been ordered to continue to try to establish it, regulating certain elements and eliminating others. Once again, we resisted, in vain. Campaign has died slow, long, and very painful death.
Then fault game has begun. All from the middle of managers of level to representatives of telephone information centre have been accused of refusal. The bitterness on an episode has found the way to changes of a policy, annual reviews and salary increases.
Not surprising employees have registered the disapproval the higher executive management and its management for the company in the first accessible possibility! Thinking of it now, distinction in a strength of mind between these two management is obvious.
The validity consists what not all ideas are fine. Some things which you try, will not be successful irrespective of the fact how difficultly your employees operating from the best promptings try. When my current company has come up against recently a similar situation to that described above, it has been processed rather in another way. We release and went further which to what new.
One test of organising wisdom should know when to commit errors and movement, without transferring fault undeserving employee. I was happy to be a part of a command of the top management which has taken place that test with fluttering banners.
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